About - Ben Moscona Photography

My work reflects my passion for the environment and love of mountain sports. I grew up skiing in the town of Aspen, Colorado and discovered adventure photography from my desire to capture my love for the mountains.

I am based in Boulder, Colorado. I create photography and films for outdoor brands and magazines. Select clients include Strafe Outerwear, Level 1 Productions, Powder Magazine, Bulletproof 360, Miles Partnership/Colorado Tourism, and Sole. My work has been published in Powder, Freeskier, Backcountry Magazine, Forecast, SBCSkier, and more magazines.

Last spring I shot, edited, and directed a short film for Backcountry Magazine about skiing and the end of the five-year drought in California. Recently, I created the short "Ski Trip" for Strafe Outerwear, a film about skiing under the stars. Last year, I filmed a series of videos for "The Freaks of Aspen" netting over 150k views. We shot the three videos in under seven days total.

I am available for hire for photography and cinematography work. I look forward to hearing from you!

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